Interest Commercial Checking

JD Bank & Trust is no stranger to Business Banking. Since 1947, we have been honing our commercial banking products to perfection in order to better support local businesses.

With our Interest Commercial Checking Account, you can be sure your company is taken care of from the moment you open your account. Put your assets somewhere safe where you can access them easily anytime you want.

Interest Commercial Checking

Get a low maintenance fee and minimal transaction charges while earning interest. Plus the incredible personal service for which we're known.

  • Interest bearing
  • Monthly maintenance fee - $10.00
  • Assessment fee - 0.05% of balance
  • 0-100 items per month - NO CHARGE
  • Over 101 items per month - $0.20 per item
  • Free Internet Banking
  • Free e-Statements
  • Only $1 to open


Items include debits and credits. Interest will be earned on the average daily balance. Rate may change after account opening. Interest is compounded and credited monthly. If the account is closed before interest is credited you will not receive the accrued interest. To order printed checks adequate funds must be on deposit.